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Without content there is no targeting

Author: Susanna Juusti From: IDBBN

Targeting and content marketing are increasingly important to all businesses, but many companies don’t generate truly personalised targeted marketing. Here’s what you can do to overcome this hurdle.”

I’ve got a campaign and a landing page. Now what?

Author: Janne Lemmetyinen From: IDBBN

The data you get from your platform of choice is important, but you need to see the big picture and dig into the actual numeric results of your work.

4 Ways to Measure Engagement at your Target Accounts

Author: John Miller From: Engagio

Here are four considerations when measuring engagement at your target accounts

What does intent data mean for the data-driven marketer?

Author: Sean Zinsmeister From: Marketingland

As big data increasingly becomes more accessible, marketers are looking for ways to make it more scalable and actionable in order to better target prospects in various stages of the buyer journey. Intent data is synonymous with this topic, but it understandably causes a great deal of perplexity for many marketers.

Content conundrums – guesstimate your expertise

Author: Ville Murtojärvi From: IDBBN

Over the course of my career, I have made all of the most common content mistakes—so that you don’t have to! Live and learn: take my quick content quiz, spot and tackle your sins, read more about mine and sign up for our webinar.

The tremendous value of marketing automation

Author: Tero Rantaruikka From: IDBBN

A decent marketing automation platform makes life much easier and results in an inbound marketing program that generate lots of high-quality leads.

Recommended posts

Generating Demand with Content

Author: Susanna Juusti From: IDBBN

We all know that good content, be it video or the written word, drives brand preference and helps make sales happen. But content is also what’s needed to create initial awareness. At the Awareness stage of the Customer Journey you are looking to attract people with problems that you can solve who are receptive to […]

A blog is a thing of beauty and joy forever

Author: Christophe Leenknecht From: ARK BBN

If you want your b2b business to be found, you need a content strategy that focuses on attracting and gaining trust. This is where blogging comes in.

I Realized all B2B Marketing Should Use ABM Principles. Here’s why.

Author: Sunil Shah From: B2Bento

At one end, you have buyers. At the other end, you have a great product or service. Our job? Our job’s to be the sweeper furiously decreasing friction so that buyers end up with our awesome stuff.

Storytelling symbiosis and sustainable innovation

Author: Mercedes Beaudoin From:

In a market where the Sustainable Development Goals are hot, how can companies use storytelling to gain a competitive edge and bolster partnerships?

How to gain credibility in CSR reporting

Author: Pha Khem From:

It’s a jungle out there. Today, we’re inundated with sustainability propaganda in a climate where more companies are turning to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports to make their statements – but is it all just greenwashing?

17 Charts That Show Where Content Marketing is Heading

Author: Neil Patel From:

We are at a point where you already know you need to leverage content marketing. But what areas of content marketing should you focus on?