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Are you a B2B marketer or advisor? Have you written posts on the subject that we haven’t yet included on BEST OF B2B? If you have a role to play in the field and an opinion that should be heard, we’d love to help you share your insights and know-how. Just contact us via the form on this page and if we agree that your posts should appear on BEST OF B2B, we’ll ask you to provide: We’ll get back in touch with you by email as soon as we’ve had a chance to read and consider your request. Of course, we can’t guarantee your posts will be accepted, but we will do our best to let you know the decision as quickly as possible.

Rules of play

Blog posts submitted to BEST OF B2B are not published on our site – we simply link to where they appear in other online contexts. We review each post before publishing it, reserving the right to include or reject posts without notification. Here’s how we choose (yes, it’s quite a list!):
We like:
We like these advisory topic types:
We don’t like consumer-focused content, for example:
No vendor-promotional messages:
No company-focused industry news:
No education market stuff:
No event announcements or reviews:
No product update announcements:
No career-oriented stuff:
Avoid ‘cutesy’ articles:
Avoid headlines that are too broad or vague:
Avoid click-baiting headlines:
No nested articles:
No summaries of past posts or news:
Avoid off-topic articles:
Avoid info overload:

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why are you guys so choosy about which types of posts you list?

A: That’s because we’re busy marketers ourselves – and we just want to cut to the chase by listing helpful, specific content that guides ourselves and our corporate clients to do a better job of marketing.

Q: How many posts can I write as a BEST OF B2B author?

A: If you’re a good writer and you write things our marketing audience is likely to find valuable, there’s no limit!

Q: What are the benefits of being a BEST OF B2B author?

A: BEST OF B2B is the only place on the web where people can search for posts written by any of their favorite B2B experts by name. Your messages will be boosted and spread beyond their original online location, potentially reaching thousands of professionals. And of course, all authors are recognized in article bylines and in biographies on the blog.

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