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What is BEST OF B2B?

B2B marketers are suffering from information overload. Some of it is useful, some of it isn’t – and it’s mostly out-of-date already (though it’s often hard to tell).

BEST OF B2B collects and filters blog posts from many different marketing writers, sorting out the hype from the helpful stuff – and bringing you the best content in an easily navigated structure.

We provide a consistent structure across marketing practices, platforms & tools, and other resources, making navigating to what you need far quicker and easier. We want it to be crowd-created and crowd-optimized, with our job as facilitators being to listen to all the suggestions, incorporating the most useful input while keeping things as simple as possible.

Marketers helping marketers

Marketers from around the world ensure BEST OF B2B is constantly refined and updated by contributing their expertise, opinions and best practices. In fact, if you’re a registered member, whenever you think there’s something to add or correct, just hit the Add Your Content button and our editors will give it their full attention.

What doesn’t BEST OF B2B do?

We’re here to help, not to spam you or sell your details to hungry salespeople. (Take a look at the cylindr Privacy Policy, which includes BEST of B2B, for more details.) That’s because BEST OF B2B wasn’t created to sell consulting services or software products. Instead, it was created by two B2B marketers who needed a better tool for planning marketing strategies – and building BEST OF B2B ourselves turned out to be the only option.
So don’t hold back – join us in making BEST OF B2B™ the B2B marketing inspiration tool you’ve always wanted!

Meet the Editorial Board

BEST OF B2B’s editorial board act as your eyes and ears, monitoring and making sense of the often-overwhelming world of online B2B marketing content. Our role is to:

Jonathan Winch

…is a B2B marketing strategist and creative force who spends most of his working life advising clients in knowledge-intensive industries on how to succeed with their products and services in the international arena. He is a co-founder of Copenhagen-based B2B branding and marketing agency cylindr, as well as the blog for marketing and communication professionals. A native of New Zealand and published business author, Jonathan has enjoyed a B2B-focused marketing and communication career spanning more than 25 years, making strategic contributions to businesses such as Arla Foods Ingredients, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Cisco, LEGO, DuPont Nutrition & Health and many other well-known brands. Follow Jonathan on LinkedIn

David Hoskin

…helps B2B companies develop and implement international marketing and communications strategies aimed at profitable growth. He is also co-founder of Copenhagen-based B2B branding and marketing agency cylindr, as well as the blog for marketing and communication professionals. With a rare academic background combining arts, engineering and business, he creates pragmatic solutions to complex business challenges. David works with companies in many industries, including energy, offshore, manufacturing, engineering, IT, pharmaceuticals, chemical and transportation. Follow David on LinkedIn

Annette Fernandes-Poyser

…has worked in the marketing industry since 1993, both on client side and agency. She is currently the Executive Director of BBN, a group of independent B2B marketing agencies, and is responsible, along with guidance from BBN’s Executive Board and chairman for the overall management and development of BBN, which includes setting the direction of the organisation and articulating this direction to its shareholders. Annette creates the marketing strategies for BBN and is responsible for the execution of the resulting marketing plan which includes managing and writing for BBN’s B2B marketing blog and producing various other pieces of written content. Follow Annette on LinkedIn

Hans Peter Bech

…is an acknowledged expert in B2B channel marketing and market penetration, particularly in the software industry. He is the best-selling author of four business books and numerous white papers. His aim is to turn up-coming information technology companies into global market leaders by offering books, white papers, videos and articles, giving keynote speeches, running workshops and providing consulting services. Follow Hans Peter on LinkedIn